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          As a Group, we are one of the largest textile machinery Agents in the Far East and the ASEAN region.  We offer textile machineries for the complete line - from spinning to dyeing and finishing.

          With our technological knowledge and experience, we have acted as the bridge between top class textile machinery manufacturers and leading companies within the textile industry for more than 60 years.  We provide the best and most suitable machines and tailor made solutions to our customers according to their different needs.

          From the 70's, our company has established ourselves also as an important supplier agent for raw materials and chemicals for the textile and synthetic fiber industries.  We are agents also for machineries for the heavy industries, such as flour and feed milling plants, fiber plants, extruders for plastics, tire cord manufacturing, pre-fabricated building structures, complete cement plant equipment, equipment for the cable industry, and power plants, etc.


Why Us ?

          The world seems to be becoming smaller and smaller with globalization and international business have become more frequent and important.  But the differences in languages, cultures, values, and customs remain still the main obstacles for international business.

          Our Group of Companies have a very strong reputation of being an ethical, well managed and positively sales aggressive organization.  With our first class representations, our Group whether independently or collectively, offer a wide network and links to our suppliers and customers.

          We can offer the total solution to your investment needs.


Our Principals

          Please refer to our associate companies' individual web-site for details of representation!